Leveling 50-60

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Preorders available. Reserve to reach 60 level on the first day! Please note that options 24/48/72 hours means that order will be finished in that time or a bit faster.


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Buy a Shadowlands 60 lvl boost and forget about the need to reach the level cap in Shadowlands on your own. You can enjoy the game as you like. Play PvPs with friends, enter weekly runs, or complete raid achievements. Our carries will make sure to reach the level cap of 60 within a set period of time.

For us to start working on your level, you must reach level 50. Once this is done, we will boost it further to 60. Just send us a request, and we will start to work on your order promptly. There is no need to worry about safety:

  • YodaBoost is a reliable service that has already helped hundreds of WoW players. We can keep your secret so that no one finds out about it.
  • Our carries use reliable VPNs to protect your account and ourselves. Other players will never notice that someone else is playing on your behalf.

Use our Shadowlands powerleveling carry service and obtain your desired level quickly and worry-free.

Leveling 50-60

Time for leveling
Unlock Torghast & World Quests
Unlock The Maw
Covenant Campaing

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