Castle Nathria Mythic

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Buying this service you will get Castle Nathria MYTHIC mode Lootrun.
As a result you will get some ilvl 226-233+ gear, up to 10 Mythic achievements and a chance to get legendary recipes and soulbind conduits. For killing last Boss Sire Denatrius you will also get an incredibly prestigious Cutting Edge: Sire Denathrius feat of strength achieve. The Raid takes 2-6 hours.

Server transfer is no longer required. Mythic is now cross-server!

ETA: check the schedule with operator

Raiders will trade you some gear for your class. The amount of the Guaranteed Loot depends on the amount of bosses you choose.
10/10 – (6+ items guaranteed);
9/10 – (5+ items guaranteed);
8/10 – (5+ items guaranteed);
7/10 – (4+ items guaranteed);
6/10 – (3+ items guaranteed);
5/10 – (3+ items guaranteed);
4/10 – (2+ items guaranteed);
3/10 – (1+ items guaranteed);
2/10 – (No loot guarantee);
1/10 – (No loot guarantee);
Boss sequence: 1) Shriekwing, 2) Altimor, 3) Destroyer, 4) Xy'mox, 5) Salvation, 6) Inerva, 7) The Council of Blood, 8) Sludgefist, 9) Generals, 10) Denathrius.

ATTENTION: Shadowlands raid loot amount is heavily nerfed.
*You can always get 10 or even more items if you're lucky, drop is random. Items that you receive yourself and items that don't upgrade count towards the guarantee.
If you don't get the guaranteed number of items during the first raid, you will be invited next time to get a GUARANTEE.

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