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Winning Rated Battlegrounds requires a high level of coordination, team play, and a strong lead to organize a team of 10 players. Earning higher RBG ratings rewards you with related achievements, up to 14 titles, and high item level gear rewards. Contact Hero-level teams at YodaBoost and start your journey to Grand Marshal or High Warlord titles right now!


  • Character 60 lvl on WoW account
  • Don't stand AFK
  • Overall ilvl of 200 for a 1600-1800 (or get 1 hour of coaching if your ilvl is lower)
  • ETA: Start time 1-7 days
  • if you want to share your account, just let us know
  • If you want some extra options you can't find here, ask us in the chat, we are available 24/7. We'll create a personalized offer for you!
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