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The Conquest points system has been once again brought back into the new WoW Shadowlands Expansion. It is a new PvP currency that can buy you powerful PvP gear. Buying this fixed amount (a cap) of conquest points will allow players to skip the boring farming process and get the top-rated PvP gear to dominate the enemies.

Boost delivery time and ETA: 1-3 day.

We have a CP points cap for sale so that you can get the best PvP gear in Shadowlands as fast as possible.

Shadowlands Conquest PvP weekly cap carry includes:

  • 550 Conquest weekly cap fully farmed out;
  • multiple PvP rated activities used to get the full weekly PvP cap filled;
  • professional boost with the use of only time-proven methods.

We can sell the weekly conquest farming to anyone who meets some basic requirements. Therefore to buy the Shadowlands conquest and become conquestcapped, please have a look at some rules down below.


  • Shadowlands expansion purchased;
  • 60-level character;
  • selfplay is required for that service;
  • 190 ilvl is required with 2 pvp trinkets
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